The Grand Opening of a new or refurbished building is a complex operation, with the placing of orders to suppliers even world wide can be a daunting and overwhelming talk. To ensure that Furniture, Fittings and Equipment (FF&E) and Operating Supplies and Equipment (OS&E) are delivered are delivered and isntalled on time requires an expert team that is optimally coordinated.

ACTIWORK has established a reputation for providing an expert team for the seamless procurement and coordinated supply and installation solution.

ACTIWORK FF&E (Furniture, Fittings and Equipment) supply and install is a complete solution tailored to suit all architects, designers, specifiers, builders and end-users on all projects.

FF&E is generally the last of the tenderst o be let on most projects, and can be very tedious to finalise due to the high number of suppliers that have to be organised and contracted to supply product specified. ACTIWORK has revolutionised the FF&E tendering process by offering a complete supply and install package that covers all sections of the FF&E scope. From workshops, offices, bedrooms, bathrooms and hospital furniture, ACTIWORK is able to not only supply, but also install the complete FF&E package. This not only saves time and unwanted stress of coordinating numerous contractors, but our buying power keeps rates down at the competitive level - saving concern and providing financial benefit for your project.


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