Industrial Workbenches

Workbenches BL production are designed to be used above all in electronic and mechanical workshops and everywhere high quality work places are required.

They meet all exigences of a modern work place: they are sturdy, modular, flexible, equipped with a wide range of indispensable optionals for the personalisation of the work place.

They offer a large choice of sturdy wooden (multi-layer, urphen, rolled beech-wood) worktops together with various types of legs and chests of drawers (27x36 units) and can be equipped with panel and tool holder walls. These characteristics make the Benches "BL" production top quality products.

ACTIWORK workbenches are regarded in Australian Industry as the benchmark for quality and reliability, displayed is the standard range, custom orders and requirements are always accommodated.


Workbench Top Options

Mobile Units

Industrial Workbench Models

Combo Cabinet Work Bench Units

Optional Accessories

Wall Mounted Cabinets


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